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2012/10/25 / isamayou

” YU-NO: A Girl That Chants Love at the Bound of the World” ENDING SYNOPSIS

Yuno: The girl who sings love at the end of this world
Romanji: Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo

So I finished the game and will leave a short review…
Here is a save file to save people from having to click everything…
Link 2: (slightly further ahead)

Apparantly I got a password when I beat the game:
not sure what that means.

Review rating: D-

Didn’t care for the 2nd half at all. It was just a series of mindscrews, and I saw no reason why you had to eat Kun-kun. Lots of tragedies just for the sake of tragedy. Oh and I still don’t get how history keeps looping every 8000 years…its just too confusing. I mean if the continent collided with Earth way back when and time is moving on for Earth in the present, then isnt that the end? No more loops?

And what happens to the main characters and Yu-no now? Once they reached the beginning of time, do they start moving forward? Are they immortal? I hate these open-endings Japanese authors love to confuse their audiences with.

I would not recommend playing this game because its such a tedious series of “click on everything” which kills the fun of reading. The game never gave me the payload I expected and after reading around the internet, I’ve learned its a “Family Project” that was way too overhyped for its own good. The epilogue was absolutely horrible with huge plausibility holes too…

Here’s a quick synopsis (summary) for people so they can save many hours and skip the terrible ending:


After you go to the study and get the last jewel, you go to the mountain. You solve a puzzle with the ancient symbols and are transported to another dimension with forests, a desert, a cottage/dwelling and a hill that leads to a chasm. (Later you’ll learn this is called the “boundary” and is where this world literally ends–fall off the cliff and you’ll be in a void of clouds and “temporal nothingness” not unlike space…because the world you’re on is actually a floating continent drifting through time on a collision path with Earth…)

So anyway, on the hill you meet a blonde mute girl. You follow her to the dwelling and meet a sick female knight, but as you’re talking to her the mute girl wanders off onto the hill. “Stop her! There could be monsters!” the knight warns you, and you run onto the hill just in time to see the mute girl about to be slayed by a furry beast not unlike bigfoot which has climbed up from the edge of the chasm. You freeze, but the sick knight runs over and slays the beast with one slash of her sword, although she takes a fatal hit from the monster. You return her to the house and nurse her but she dies, although not before writing a letter, and telling you some details about the world.

The knight says her mission is to defend the world from beasts from the boundary. She is from the imperial capital, which can be reached if you cross the desert for 1 week. She mentions that she has a (red-haired) sister named Amanda. She also explains that the ever more frequent earthquakes are due to the “Wrath of God,” and that if the mute girl doesn’t return to the capital in four years, the world will be destroyed.

A few days later you gather the supplies you need to cross the desert and set out. You tell the mute girl not to follow you but she does anyway, until you chase her off, and then keep walking into the desert. An earthquake then causes you to spill your water and you decide to return home, but can’t find the girl in the dwelling, and realize she must still be in the desert. So you run into the desert, but after a few hours give up and return home. That’s when you hear your father’s voice telling you to listen for her with your mind…you follow her telepathic voice and find her in the desert where you sleep together for the night. After that you return to the cottage, teach her how to do laundry, cook, and gather fruits, and you take her as your wife (meaning you screw the mute-girl.)

A year passes and you have a baby girl, who your wife names Yu-no. She grows fast, and by the time she’s 3 years old she’s really about 12 in maturity, and constantly flirts with you. At this time you find a naked woman with bat wings, and a little lizard. The naked woman dies but not before asking you to take care of the lizard, who your daughter names Kun-kun. (Later on you learn Kun-kun is the infant form of the naked woman (whoose species is called a “Nogard”, and someday Kun-kun will molt and become a sentient and sexy dragon-woman…. [Nogard is dragon spelled backwards.])

Around this time your wife finds a letter written by the dead knight, and decides (stupidly) to mail it by giving it to a bird (where she finds the bird I dont know.) The letter goes to the capital, and one day your wife and daughter get a premonition. The next day 3 knights arrive at your house, pin your wife down and knock you out. Your wife kills herself by biting her tounge rather than to go along with them, and they bury her.

Soon afterwards you take off accross the desert to get revenge on the knights and the “God Emperor” that leads them from the Imperial Capital. Your daughter persuades you to take her along, and she leaves Kun-kun in the forest with some fruits. After a week of traveling and on the verge of dehydration, sudden rain provides rest, just before you reach an oasis with a naked woman. The naked red-head woman says she is bathing naked because she heard knights sometimes come here and she basically wants to get laid. You do it that night and then realize your daughter wasn’t actually sleeping. More importantly she tells you that in the city there is a woman named Amanda who leads rebels, and to be cautious about entering any temples. (She adds she’s taking off to a nearby settlement, and you never see her again in the game.)

So the next day you follow a bunch of stone caskets in a line in the desert towards a temple. Your daughter says she has a premonition and begs you not to go in, but being the idiot you are you ignore her and tell her to wait for you outside. Soon afterwards your daughter screams and when you come out she’s being attacked by knights. The knights drag her away and knock you out.

You wake up in a desert prison camp where you are forced to dig rocks with dozens of prisoners. Anyone who tries to escape is zapped by lightning from a nearby control tower controlled by the God-Emperor. A big man with a whip forces you to keep working. After a while Kun-kun appears and the men try to eat him, but you put up a fight so the lizard can get away. In response the big fat man with the whip throws you into solitary confinement, where you meet Amanda, recently captured leader of the rebels. An Earthquake destroys the tower and the facility killing all of the laborers, but Kun-kun arrives at an opportune moment and you and Amanda fly off towards the capital. However Kun-kun wears herself to exhaustion and only takes you part way. In her dying breath it tells you to become one with it (in other words to eat her. She basically looks like a silver-haired woman with elf ears and bat wings, so this seems pretty canibalistic but your character does it anyway because there’s no other food.)

So a couple days later you reach the capital which is nearly deserted. There are supposedly only a few dozen people left because so many people have fled the oppresive God-leader, and due to fears that the end of the world is coming (with the earthquakes as proof.) Knights immediately attack you, including Yu-no, now a total babe due to her accelerated growth. Yuno however has been brainwashed and doesnt recognize you and tries to kill you.

A quake saves you because you take the moment to throw yourself into a manhole. Running through the sewers you run into Ryuu-zaki-whats-his-face, who is held prisoner, and he tells you some useful facts about the God Emperor in exchange for release. You let him go, and following his advice deactivate a device which was brainwashing your daughter, who having returned to her “normal” self is suddenly is all over her ‘papa’ like a slut. But you brush her off because you want to wait in the courtyard to kill the woman who killed your wife….you wait only to find that the dangerous and evil God Emperor was none other than Ayumi, the girl who in your original world was your stepmother.

At that moment guards appear and she tells you to come back tomorrow for a chat. You escape the garden and run into the city only to find Eriko, the same teacher from your own world only now wearing protective body armor. She says she’s actually a timecop who came to kill Ryuuzaki (who is actually a villain.) She explains that this world has been looping, every 8,000 years it restarts, and its close to a calamity now–namely it could collide with Earth.

(The explanation is longer, but it still makes little sense and is sily. I’ll cut short future explanations.)
So the next day you meet Ayumi who tells you the world you’re on is actually a spaceship which will soon hit Earth. Supposedly many years ago meteors were going to destroy an advanced human civilization on a parallel world, and they saved themselves by transforming their city into a spaceship and transporting it into another dimension. They created a fake star and atmosphere to insulate the world, and all was well except that the world was destined to collide with the world called Earth in 400 years. Luckily they created a super computer which when hooked up to one of the descendents of its creator, could divert the spaceship…from that orbit…for another 400 years. Hence every 400 years the super computer would seek out a girl who could prevent the calamity… (Yuno’s mother, or Yuno who is of her bloodline.) As for why everyone had accelerated growth rates, that was due to genetic modifications by the settlers to better suit themselves to this world. It was trial and error and the misfit humans were thrown into the border where they became Nogards and other monsters.

Ryuuzaki then appears and steals Ayumi. You run into the sewer and meet Eriko. She tells you some useless stuff. She also talks about a compass she gave you.

You run back to the control room and find Ryuuzaki there, who is holding Ayumi hostage with a dagger. Amanda runs in and he transports her to your world…where she became the red-haired foxy girl you meet in some routes… Thereafter Eriko appears and kills Ryuuzaki, but Ayumi is stabbed and dies.
Yu-no appears to try and divert the spaceship from hitting Earth, but she is one second too late to prevent a physical impact. The spaceship will impact Earth 80,000 years ago in Japan, and parts of it will make the tower, ruins, and mountain near your hometown, and this world will be destroyed. However her influence prevents the total destruction of your old world.

After this she falls into some kind of void, but not before you give her a crystal from your refractor that will let you warp to her if she appears close to you in the future. Eriko leaves, and you somehow warp back to your own world, in the burial chamber on the first night. You teleport out to the nearest gem and find Yu-no who has been waiting alone in a vacumm for “both an instant and an eternity” for you. As you embrace she tells you she’s about to go through time to the very first moment of history.

You tell her you’re not going to let her go alone this time, and you embrace her and shoot through a void. You have a chat with your father who is no longer physically present, though his soul has elevated itself onto a higher plane as a result of some failed experiment that destroyed his body. (He is now able to watch events on all parallel worlds, but is unable to accompany you as you race backwards to beyond the beginning of time.) After a long credits sequence showing the two of you naked in a void in total darkness at the start of it all, when a sprout appears amid a ray of light. The sprout grows into a large tree while you and Yuno watch. The tree is probably the time tree, and each branch represents a parallel or divergent world…

The game ends with a CG of you and Yuno standing naked next to the tree in a sunny grassland and the text “Password: A.D.M.S.” (whatever that means.) Does that mean if you imput A.D.M.S. as your name or something, something will occur? I don’t know. I’m not motivated enough to play with the game more to find out. If you want to, I’ve attached a game save to this post so knock yourself out. I know A.D.M.S. is the name of the game’s system for mapping worlds, and kinda reminds me of “Adam” for some reason, but whatever. Apparently someone else is wondering the same:

And thats how the game ends.



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  1. Jake / Jan 15 2013 6:51 am

    How could you give this a D-? You’d have to be absolutely retarded if you can’t understand the story. Also, it’s Ryuuzouji, not Ryuuzaki.

    • isamayou / Jan 15 2013 7:33 am

      “Settle down children! Jake, stop sucking your thumb and take your essay: D-. Next time read more books before doing a book report.”

  2. dchow9413 / Jun 22 2013 12:01 am

    how do you get the last jewel? i dont know what to do at the clock…

    • J / Jul 14 2013 3:26 pm

      I literally hammered like ten buttons and it worked! Statistical improbability, I know, I was freaking surprised too. Press the buttons at 6 and 3 in that order and you’ll get it. I can’t believe I got it.

    • Tom Hewitt / Dec 20 2013 5:33 pm

      Depends. Phase 2 of Yu-no is open ended, so the ‘last jewel’ could be almost any jewel.

    • W00t / Dec 31 2014 4:10 am

      if you watched the intro you´d know what buttons you have to press 😉

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