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2015/10/23 / isamayou

Operation Turnaround

Welp, it’s time to reinvent myself again. Let’s make a plan for things to cut out of my life, so I’ll be forced to replace them with new things.



-Starbase Orion




-American Politics

If I cut these things out of my life I’d practically have 8 more hours a day. Maybe I could play some guitar and learn a language and study geography again. I remember being very satisfied when I was learning about the world a few years ago, and then time stopped. Let’s take the best of our old dream, and apply the knowledge learned within the last few years.

Remember that for a long time my dream was to go abroad and explore? Isn’t it still my dream to live within an adventure story?

2012/12/17 / isamayou

ShinSekai Yori’s ED is good for Learning Japanese

I’ve just finished making hiragana flashcards for ShinSekai Yori’s ed. That song has a lot of great and vivid vocabulary. Words like “Struggle, Release, unforseen, constrained, descend, ascend, ripen, meekly, burst, glower, and rolll.” (An added bonus: the full version has even more...)

I’m writing this post because I’ve decided to say “fuck the kanji” for a while and learn some basic vocabulary…you know, the way you’re SUPPOSED to learn languages like german or whatever. I can always return for the kanji later once the words stick, and most of the time the pronunciation is what I use to look words up anyway when I read since its faster. I also think with the pronunciation, not the characters…

When I was in Japan I (initially) really wanted to talk to people and I was constrained by the vocabulary. Its obvious I focused on studying the boring and useless things, and got burned out. So yeah…. time to make drilling fun again.

By the way, I’m going to take “ownership” of this blog now and post about things other than traveling…. Read more…

2012/12/13 / isamayou

Cross Channel Ending Impressions

(Note: This speed-review assumes you’ve already finished playing Cross Channel, and offers minimal explanations and references spoilers.)

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2012/11/25 / isamayou

Banana no Nana Ending Summary

Aww Banana no Nanas story was cute. I just finished it….its so weird, I don't know why no one translated it. So here’s the ending folks.

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2012/11/15 / isamayou

Protected: Late reckoning, reminds me of the strength of a dream

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2012/11/06 / isamayou

More grumbling about Muv-Luv Alternative’s ending

I’ve already wrote about it before and said that the ending was rushed and something of a cop-out… but I’m still not done!

My main remaining question to completionists is why is hype is still so enormous for this game? Yes I enjoyed it, but few of the characters or battles stuck with me as much as Fate/Stay Night. Moreover after the midpoint of the game (*chomp*) the story just fails to deliver on its promise, and the last battle was just melodrama over tactics. So many characters, so many plotlines forgotten like crappy visual novels in the recycling bin…. Read more…

2012/10/28 / isamayou

Muv-Luv Alternative Ending Rant

So I finished playing Muv-Luv…it took me from the 24th to the 27th, reading full-time. I’ll leave my thoughts.

All three games of Muv-Luv is highly overrated. Maybe I’ve watched too much manga, visual novels, read too many mech battles, or am simply too old to enjoy it to the fullest. But there were so many flaws and so much silliness I can’t give it higher than a 7/10 as a whole. But I suppose I should divide my review for each game yes?
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2012/10/25 / isamayou

” YU-NO: A Girl That Chants Love at the Bound of the World” ENDING SYNOPSIS

Yuno: The girl who sings love at the end of this world
Romanji: Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo

So I finished the game and will leave a short review…
Here is a save file to save people from having to click everything…
Link 2: (slightly further ahead)

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2012/10/22 / isamayou

The title has been modified

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Hello World Applet HATES THEE3

Hello World Applet LOATHES YOU ALL

2012/10/22 / isamayou

Hello World Applet TEST THEE

Hello World Applet HATES YOU ALL